I am a 38 year old male living in Toronto. I am an senior software engineer at Q4 Web Systems. This is my 18th year doing this and it's still my favourite thing in the world.

I'm also a co-founder of a Toronto area developer meet up called #DevTO. Once a month we host 150 or so developers from around the Toronto area for talks, beer and pizza.

In my spare time I run a podcast network (well, aspiring as of this writing) called The 416. Our flagship show The 416 Show is hosted by myself and fellow DevTO co founder Nael Shawwa.

I built an app that helps you find a bus or streetcar in the city of Toronto, it's called Find TTC. If your a developer you can check the project out on github

Over the years I've worked at agencies, done freelance and helped start 2 succesful companies (Q4 Web Systems and Epilogger)