The Truth
26 May 2013

The illusion of truth is constant, it’s batted around like it’s something that we all agre on and believe in except very few people are actually telling the truth.

Whether it’s politics, the startup scene, health care issues. There’s the truth that is known (the one that everyone is expected to believe) and then there is the truth that you know, the truth that you know is real but for some reason is hidden behind a layer of misdirection and platitudes.

I cannot for one minute believe that every startup that receives funding deserves that funding, there isn’t a new facebook or twitter once a years so why are investors lying to startups and saying that’s what they are looking for?

I won’t even get into politics, if you live in Toronto the last week or so should be an example of how the truth is a completely different beast when it comes to politics. Even with the most concrete of evidence, politicians will lie until they believe the lie themselves (Bush RE weapons of mass destruction, Clinton RE: neve having sex with Monica Lewinski). We all knew it was bullshit. We all believed the lies.

I swear that this is now spilling over into every aspect of ones life. People lying about how much they make or the help they get form their parents just so they can live in a condo downtown and go out every night of the week, nobody gives a shit. This whole ‘fake it until you make it’ scene, i can’t fucking stand it.

At the end of the day, at some point, you will have to admit to the lies, or at the very least the people around you will become aware of what you were and what you’ve done.

Avoid being that person, tell the truth. Always.

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