18 Jun 2013

There is a great deal happening right now that should make people angry. But nobody is angry and frankly I find that disturbing. I mean people do get angry, you’ve seen someone freaking out in a fast food place because someone making 9 bucks an hour didn’t get there order right. Or how about instagram deciding that they want to make some money so they will sell the photo’s you store for free on the servers they pay for to advertisers to make some cash so you can keep using the service, complete fucking meltdown right.

These examples above are what elicit angered responses from people that I interact with on a daily basis. Even when serious topics are brought up nobody actually believes that they can do anything about them even if they can get a couple of people to acknowledge the topics.

At a time in our history where the battle cry to come together as a whole has never been louder, we are all too busy with out individual problems to even hear the rumblings of the much larger issues at home.

It seems as though we no longer care about what is done to us a whole, if our individual wants or needs are threatened in any way then it’s fight the good fight, but, if as a society, hell as a species if there is trouble on the horizon, it seems as though this is of no concern.

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