Moral Authority
14 Oct 2013

There is no scarier feeling than the one that arises when someone has all the moral answers. When someone is so ardent in there belief that no amount of reason or logic can dissuade them from that which is the actual truth. The displaced belief that there answer is THE one.

Against all things that we know to be true, how can this type of behaviour be allowed to continue? How can we allow people around us to go on through life with the idea that they, in some way can arrive at answers that they then feel must be the answers that every person must accept? Arriving at these answers and using them in your own life is fine and reasonable, one must do this to be a functioning human being, but one must also understand that each individual is doing this on their own and for their own and the process and results are not something that can be shared (shared in the sense that these things are unique and taking the shortcut of using someone else’s answer does not provide the same benefit of arriving at the answer yourself).

And therein lies one of the great problems our species faces. The illusion that someone else’s work and products of that work can be taken and used for ourself.

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